In addition to providing a robust web based application, we differentiate ourselves from other software companies by providing our clients with a contract analyst who will work with staff to gather all the necessary contracts, documents and information. Our analysts scan, upload and organize all our client’s contracts.  We load all the key contract provisions/dates into our contract management system and also “bookmark” these items in the PDF document for quick searching and reference. We provide training after all the contracts are loaded.


Problem   Solution

Most healthcare organizations have hundreds of contracts scattered across the company.  These contracts are often stored in numerous file cabinets and managed by different individuals utilizing ad hoc spreadsheets or databases.  Often times contracts are filed away never to be reviewed again until a problem arises or the contract has already expired.  The large volume of contracts and limited human resources make this method of contract management difficult to adhere to corporate and government compliance and can result in an increase in risk and cost.


Binder One’s Online Contract Manager (OCM) is a web based application developed by healthcare professionals to solve your organization’s contract management issues.  OCM creates a central repository of contracts, giving organizations greater control over all contracts and making it clear who is responsible for what and when. OCM provides all the features you need to help manage your contracts effectively and enable productive decision-making.

Key Features:

Search – Quickly search by Facility, Vendor, Department, Contract Type.  We load your contracts using character recognition software to allow for full-text searches within your contracts.  We bookmark your key terms.

Email Notification – Responsible Parties receive notification emails for contracts with keys dates about to expire (i.e Term Dates, Workers Comp , Certificate of Insurance, Warrantees, etc).  Responsible Parties can send vendors similar notification emails automatically.

Dash Boards – Graphically view/assess contract status for the entire organization and quickly drill down to the actual contract(s).  Quickly determine which contracts need attention and identify which manager(s) or department(s) is responsible.

Customized Fields and Reporting – Create customized fields for tracking company specific terms and/or requirements.  Generate customized reports easily and instantly by simply choosing your desired fields from a dropdown menu.  Export to Excel or MSWord.

Security – 256-bit SSL Certification. Encrypted passwords.  Multi-Level user access.

Contract Evaluation – Customized evaluation form allows managers to gauge a contract’s effectiveness and assess whether to renew or terminate a contract.

Customer Service – We continually strive to quickly respond to our client’s requests and needs. It is our top priority to provide prompt resolution.


Minimal Training – Our application is so simple and intuitive that users are proficient in less than an hour.

Document Storage/Backup – Serves as the secondary offsite storage for all your contracts.

Contract Compliance Tracking – Stay compliant by easily tracking specific contact requirements (i.e. Stark II or HIPAA). 

Minimizes Employee Turnover – Easily replace an individual responsible for contracts with a new one to prevent lapse in contract management.

Web-Based – Access your contracts anywhere internet is available. No hardware or software to maintain.

Quick Start Up – We provide experienced contract analyst to quickly load all your contracts.