Easily manage your employee’s (contracted and/or non contracted) professional license(s)/certification(s) and the respective dates of expiration.  Get email notifications prior to expiration dates.  Quickly verify registry or contract employee’s credentials.


Problem   Solution

Most employees of healthcare organizations are required to hold licensure(s) along with multiple certifications in their areas of clinical specialty (i.e. nursing, radiology, therapy, etc…).  Employees are required to periodically renew these credentials.  Governmental and corporate compliance often mandate healthcare organizations to verify an employee’s credentials prior to and during employment.  The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) recently required healthcare organizations to prove that they provide the same level of verification and orientation for all “contracted/outsourced” clinical employees as they do for their own employees.  Since the credentials of these “contracted” employees aren’t usually stored at the healthcare organizations, management and verification of these credentials can be difficult to maintain compliance. Failure to manage these credentials can expose organizations to increased risk and cost.


Binder One’s Employee Manager is a web based application that allows healthcare organizations to easily manage their contracted and non-contracted employees credentials.  Employee Manager is a dynamic database application that stores and updates an employee’s professional license(s)/certification(s) and the respective dates of expiration.  When an employee’s license is about to expire, Employee Manager automatically logs into the government websites and verifies whether or not an employees has renewed his/her license.  It then takes a snapshot of the verification on the website (for proof to compliance regulators) and uploads this information directly into the employee’s record. This feature eliminates the manual (and often laborious) task of periodic employee credential(s) verification for healthcare organizations.  Our web based platform allows clients to verify an employee’s status anytime and anywhere internet is available.  Hospitals find this useful when they have to verify “registry” or “contract” employees working in various departments and shifts. Employee Manager allows for greater productivity, minimizes risk and associated costs. 

Key Features:

Search – Quickly search by Employee, Vendor, Job Classification. 

Email Notification – Responsible Parties receive notification emails for employees with keys dates about to expire (i.e License, Certifications, etc).  Responsible Parties can send vendors similar notification emails automatically.

Vendor Summary – Quickly determine which vendor and employees need attention.

Customized Fields – Create customized fields for tracking company specific terms and/or requirements. 

Security – 256-bit SSL Certification. Encrypted passwords.  Multi-Level user access.

Customer Service – We continually strive to quickly respond to our client’s requests and needs. It is our top priority to provide prompt resolution.


Minimal Training – Our application is so simple and intuitive that users are proficient in less than 30 minutes.

Document Storage – Easily upload soft copies of licenses and certifications for each employee.

Contract Compliance Tracking – Stay compliant by easily tracking specific contact requirements (i.e. JCAHO). 

Web-Based – Access your contracts anywhere internet is available. No hardware or software to maintain.